Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Social Media Marketing

The newest and most talked about method in online marketing is social media management and marketing. But why? How important is social media management and what can be gained?

Well for starters the potential client base is astronomical giving providers access to consumers that never once existed. This large audience has helped businesses grow to heights they never once imagined.

Another benefit of social media management is building brand trust. Consumers enjoy associating a face with a business. Consumers can know, at their leisure, respond, complain, complement or just plain interact with a brand. This takes away the interpersonal workings of businesses and makes them friendly and closer than ever before.

Thirdly. Promotion. Using a fan base from your product you can now easily inform consumers of new products, promotions or news related to products that they otherwise might not have had access to. Anouncing a new product debut or running a 10% off on Monday's promotion is now at the click of a button. This cuts down on older methods of running ads in newspapers or other printed materials. However, if you'd prefer to run a targeted ad via social media you can.

These targeted ads are perfect because you can direct exactly who you wish to target. Sites like Facebook allow you to pinpoint your audience based on location, age, interests and other factors that will allow you to target the precise audience you are looking for.

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